The Poet

If I sing to the animals, all will forget everything
Have I tried the impossible? Starving eyes wide open,
Words will flow like oceans out of me

If I sing as loud as I can, it’s harder to turn away
As life tries to wear me down, standing straight unbroken
I’ll try to find a note in all these keys

If ever life just screams out loud
Echoed voices start a round
The poet will finally figure out

As we travel along this interstate,
It’s hard to hear your heart vibrate
And the poet will find the words to say

If my hands are weakening
Liars won’t believe the things I say
When life begins listening in, with my defenses open,
You pull the life right out from under me

Talk to me, give me the answers
Pull me out of this disaster
My chute is open, but I’m falling faster
Ground becoming closer, ground

Life is flashing right before my eyes
The poet will be inspired, to finish what he’s started
I’m tired of being tired, I’m tired of being