Stealing Scenery

I say let's make our break, I got a getaway car out back
Highway with no mistakes, don't think I'm ever coming back
Shaken up but I'm feeling good, does anyone know where we're at
One way with a heavy foot, faster than a heart attack

I said everybody's safe, consciousness is coming back
Headlights, anybody made, can't tell you where my head is at

I thought I got rid of it, but it's back again
I, can you feel it, can you feel it

And I'm higher, higher than I ever been
The feelings coming back again
I feel something different
Coming over and coming on

She said this don't look good, there's trouble on the interstate
Wait it out like I know I should, did anybody take our bait

She said that nothing comes this easily, I can't tell whose side I'm on
She said that I'm out stealing scenery, and I can't tell whose side, I won't tell