Lady In The Water

Lady goin' down to the river tonight, gonna wash the blood from her hands, the dirt from her eyes.
Just before the river, on the side of the road, could be the dirt in her eyes, or her breath in the evening cold.
Out walked a woman, who looked just like she, right up from the top of her head, to her two bare feet.
She followed her down to the rivers bend, no footsteps where they should have been.

"Pardon me ma’am" was all that she said, as her better part had already gone and fled.
"Stay with me for a little while and we'll talk about the weather, talk about our better times.
Oh, a better time"

Standing in the water near the rivers bend and one hand to the Lord, she lifted up her head.
She said "Pretty lady you have nothing to fear, so tell me the reason why you follow me way down here?"
"Poor young thing, you been beaten down for far too long, but it's far too quiet now"
"Take my hand" and into the deep, "Don't worry 'bout the quiet, finally the lion sleeps"

She said "The road is long, but the road is ending, see the scarlet sky descending"
"Open up your gates and let me in"
"Dry your eyes, no more pretending"
"The more I see, the less I'm understanding"

"Lady in the water, what have I done? I was dancing with the devil, but the devil held the gun."
"Lady do you know what will become of me? I know it's far too late for an apology."
"My sweet thing, bless your soul, you we're caught up in the eye of a storm started long ago"
"You will come with me, have fear no more. We'll go dancing with the lions, but never hear the lions roar"