Cardboard Cutout

All this time to make it count
Take it into light, and I'll find out
Wind it up, and spin it 'round
Waiting on the night, when I find out

I'm cutting in and cutting out
Anyway we turn, its right-side out
Stand me up or cut me down
Now that we're waking up a sleeping doubt

See it in your eyes
Seeing black and white
Cut out your disguise
You're down in an honest fight

I feel it here, it's all around
Waiting on the touch, the sight and sound
You can dress me up and take me out
Seems so real when you're pretending
Seems so real when you're pretending

Oh you say we can't
(Maybe in another life)
Oh we're dead where we stand
(Maybe in another light)
Where's the line in the sand
Maybe in another life, I'll see you on the other side